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2013. jún. 25.

Antero Lindgren (FIN) live concert in Eger, Hungary - 2013

Antero Lindgren

A Finnish singer-songwriter Antero Lindgren has been making and performing his music for years, and finally published his long-awaited debut album ‘Mother’ last year. Hailed by the critics, the album got a very warm welcome and the Finnish music media together with Finnish public broadcasting company radio channel YleX, named Antero the most promising new artist in Finland 2013. His songs are intimate stories about the complexity and difficulties of life and his live performance for sure won’t leave you cold inside.

Antero is living in Helsinki with his wife and two kids. He has just finished recording his second album and is preparing for intensive touring this summer. You can hear some of his songs on his webpage:

Antero will be performing live on Egri Bikaver wine festival in Eger, on Egri Csillag stage on Friday 12 July 2013.

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Antero Lindgren (FIN) in Eger, Hungary: 12. July 2013., 8. pm, Bikavér WineFestival, Érsekkert, Music Pavilion // facebook // homepage

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